Design & Interactive

Our visual artists are all senior-level people who excel at bringing your graphic identity to life. We create imagery that is arresting and compelling, in all media. We write, we design, we draw and we produce. Beautiful results.

Motion & Sound

Crafting a script and bringing it to life through animation, sound design, and video is something we thrive on. We love to shoot, on location and in studio, and we seek to create productions that capture attention and fuel imagination.

Marketing & Strategy

Asking questions, constantly thinking about opportunities and how to overcome challenges, preparing focused plans that draw in audiences and build business. This is the heart of communication arts. And it is why we come to work.

Why Clients Like Us

  • Working with Ninth Floor was fantastic. They patiently researched and worked through everything needed to make our site function as we had envisioned, and we’re thrilled with the final result.Thank you, Ninth Floor!

    Patricia Meagher UC Office of the President
  • The thing I like most about working with Ninth Floor is that their people really get to know their client's business. That's an extremely rare trait in a communications agency these days.

    Christie Martin-Gray Jetcraft Corporation
  • Ninth Floor has been a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive, delivering creative solutions on time and on budget throughout the project.

    Katherine McKenzie, Ph.D. California Breast Cancer Research Program
  • Thanks to everyone at Ninth Floor for all of your great service, elegant designs and a well received, easy to use website!!  Pleasure to work with you all-;)

    Carolynn Atherton UC Office of the President

A Little About Us

5 years ago, ad agency veterans Andrew Gordon and Jim Catlin started Ninth Floor. Both had spent years working as copywriters in large and small shops. We learned what worked in agencies – and what didn’t. And we were determined to do something different in the agency world. We’re lean and efficient by design, so we don’t have to charge clients for large, cumbersome overhead. Our core group of 10 people, supported by a network of talented, on-demand experts, is just a phone call or click away. Senior-level professionals, skilled in traditional and new media, handle all client needs.