The Challenge

Run by the University of California, the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) has benefited from California taxpayers who contribute donations via Tax Form 540. In 2012, donations had dipped to $434,619 (32,517 contributions) from 2008 levels of $596,276 (45,098 individual contributions)– a 28 percent drop in four years. Also, contributions to CBCRP were required to total more than $355,000 a year or the group would be dropped from Tax Form 540. A solution needed to be found quickly.



The Solution

Working within a limited budget, Ninth Floor was able to develop a unique identity, campaign theme, and comprehensive multimedia messaging to encourage contributions. Messaging and graphics for the tax check-off campaign have been rolled out across multiple media forms, including printed materials, a web page, a dedicated Facebook page, video for a YouTube campaign, direct mail, online ads for Google and Facebook, and promoted posts for Facebook. A comprehensive campaign strategy has evolved, focused on a geo-targeted YouTube campaign, and ads and posts promoted to online tax filers in high donation rate zip codes of CA.

The Result

The campaign has gained significant notoriety over time, educating Californians about unique treatment programs and groundbreaking research in breast cancer. Since the campaign began, CBCRP has seen a huge growth in Facebook followers and engagement – in year one alone, a dramatic increase from 300 to 1100. Even in year two, with a downturn in the California economy, and other group’s donations going down, our numbers held strong. Over the life of the campaign, where many other charities have vied for contributions, CBCRP has managed to retain its position, staying in the top five charities (out of 22) for total donations. Most importantly, CBCRP has met its financial goals and remains on the list of approved charities for the tax check-off campaign, when many others have been cut.