Ninth Floor campaign drives health insurance enrollment and ROI.

The Challenge

The North Carolina Dental Society is committed to the oral health of North Carolina citizens and to promoting the art and science of dentistry. NCDS provides educational programs for North Carolina citizens and access to oral healthcare for the elderly, children and underserved populations. It also offers benefits to its member dentists and employees, in order to foster a strong membership. One of these benefits is access to quality health insurance coverage. Prior to 2016, the health insurance program had not been actively promoted. Therefore, program membership was low.


The Solution

Ninth Floor was contracted to develop a communications strategy and create a campaign promoting the many advantages of the NCDS health insurance program to its members. After researching communications channels, we proposed an advertising campaign for the NCDS journal, as well as banner ads, email blasts, a microsite and print collateral. The campaign was launched during the active enrollment period.  Prospective members were given numerous reminders on plan benefits and encouraged to contact the provider for comprehensive enrollment information.

The Result

The initial production budget of $30k, which included all strategy sessions, design, concept development and campaign materials proved to be an excellent value for NCDS. The campaign was a great success in terms of initiating new memberships and signing up existing plan members. ROI for the campaign came in at a remarkable 16 to 1 earnings versus spending ratio. But even more important, it helped encourage members to take advantage of a well-deserved benefit– quality health insurance for their families.