Ninth Floor engages UC educators for an important conference on technology.

The Challenge

Technology is having a major impact on the world and radically transforming higher education. While it presents tremendous new opportunities, it also challenges institutions to embrace new education technology to improve the student experience. Technological changes are coming on so rapidly that educators have a difficult time keeping up with what’s out there, let alone how to implement it. The University of California sought to encourage key educators to attend an important conference featuring thought-leaders in education technology, but the date was approaching rapidly. They needed a website and other communications materials fast.


The Solution

Ninth Floor immediately compiled all relevant and important information about the conference, including speakers, VIP’s in attendance, travel information, agenda, venue, and registration information, and quickly put it into a logical site map for client review. Understanding that things would need to come together quickly, but that information was still incomplete, we used our past experience to make decisions and get designs rolling. Ninth Floor interactive designers worked tirelessly to get the
job done.

The Result

The website and promotional materials were up and running and fully complete more than a month prior to the show – allowing enough time to contact important attendees, get them registered and inform them of all the interesting seminars to come. The website is easy to read and navigate, informative, and engaging. And according to the numbers of people registered to date, it looks like UC eNGAGE will turn out to be a big success.